Period 2 Biology

10/16 - Over the weekend make all the Format changes to your Lab Format File!

10/19 - Read and Outline Section 1 of Chapter 3

Blizzard Bag Assignment 1   Blizzard Bag Assignment

Read this case study regarding animals and cloning.

Follow the links below to further information on cloning in order to help you complete the questions in the case study.  You don't have to read all of the links - just read a couple to better understand what cloning is:

Who do you think you are most like with regard to cloning, Grace, Jack, or Ralphy Cleaver?  Write a four-paragraph paper regarding your viewpoint.  Set it up as follows:
  • Paragraph 1: Would you have Spot cloned like Ralphy wants or would you be against it like Grace?  Or, are you on the fence like Jack?  Write 2-3 sentences about whose viewpoint you adopt and why you think that way.
  • Paragraphs 2 & 3: Cite evidence from the links above or from a source you have researched on your own (include the source at the end of your paper) to support your view.
Paragraph 4: Summarize your arguments in 2-3 sentences and have 1 strong closing sentence.